bianca maria @binxlala1RT @jazzy_jazz24: I cant wait to disappoint my parents at my wedding dancing like this with my husband 🥰🥰 minuti fa
Dr. Sebi @Rahmod_ovownThe pastor at this wedding is cryingggg... Sorry God, just keeping it 1 hunndo. Lol 🤷🏾‍♂️2 minuti fa
Siraj Huda @SirajHudaWhen girls go wedding shopping in Delhi ... minuti fa
Fluffy Melanin Cloud🍫🍫🍫 @ShannieSaysRT @okikicoker_: On my wedding day ehhn!.... Before you collect food, you must explain where you know me from😂2 minuti fa
THE CAP @Iz_abdulRT @kwaysay_tofa: Most of those that remind us here are not saints. They are sinners like us. The reminders are for both of us. It’s like w…2 minuti fa
J. P. Gownder @jgownder@notcapnamerica LOL after the Red Wedding, you can handle anything. Trust.2 minuti fa
Scott Heathcoat @SHeathcoat@mathowie It would be a nice day, for a white wedding2 minuti fa
tomo@ミラコスタ結婚式完了✨ @miraco_tomo[定期ポスト]ミラコスタで結婚式をするまでの足跡をブログにまとめてます。読んでもらえたら嬉しいです☆ minuti fa
S A D I A 🧚🏼‍♀️ @SadzIbrahimRT @mercymurugi: I have 5 months to find a man and plan a wedding that falls on my birthday because I can't let this year's perfect date go…2 minuti fa