KENNY @YomiSkillzRT @NigeriaMonkey: My wedding is next wk & I’m thinking of calling @iam_Davido to perform flora my flower .... 70m for my Account ooh...…10 minuti fa
nis @ansothmnRT @malissaali: This should be a wedding idea. To help people answer questions from makcik bawang before they even ask, and to help people…10 minuti fa
k :-) @kassylanzaRT @kbnoswag: My step dad told me it was pointless to apply to med school bc I was “too stupid to be a doctor” 8 years later and one of us…10 minuti fa
The Speakers Corner @rock_the_word@teresampotts Maybe she will, but they will pay for the wedding and film the delivery also. Lol. Wouldn't that be something.10 minuti fa
desp @desp_eraRT @JezMM: Luigi makes no comment on his brother's choice of clothing for his assumed wedding. Confirmed ally (as if there was any doubt) h…10 minuti fa
Jowelina @maNdeXiiRT @I_Am_marwa: No one has ever received award for best wedding. Don't come and kill yourself with debt.10 minuti fa
hoy mi chiglé @DVSTXDDoing wedding hair and makeup is all fun and games until it's 7am and you're in a room full of 30 year old women ge… minuti fa
Wendy Sue Kline @WSK72#Days I can't wait for the epic #Rope wedding minuti fa
Lazy Gourmet @TheLazyGourmetRT @INDOCHINO: Amazing cake display by @TheLazyGourmet at our #Vancouver perfectly suited wedding event! #Yaletown minuti fa