cheslerrr @cheslerrrLapit na kita maging ex, lapit na kita maging hindi fiancé hehe. I love you! Alam ko gusto mo bonggang wedding, kay… minuto fa
The Cookery @CookeryOh my gourd, we love these darling little details for the perfect October wedding. 🧡🍂🥰 Photo: Shoot with Bliss minuto fa
ce - wins ✿ @consecwinsRT @bbrightkc: NO ONE TOLD ME THIS IS A VAMPIRE WEDDING PARTY minuto fa
結婚式のエンドロール一眼撮影ならポライン @polyne_wedding結婚準備中のカップルに人気のブログ「感動的な結婚式エンドロールの作り方! まとめ」。 結婚式 撮って出しエンドロール&プロフィールムービー制作の情報はポラインにおまかせ! ▶ minuto fa
Thakur Jitesh Singh @jiteshsinghtRT @RatanSharda55: Different strokes for different religions? Why constitution can't be same for all. If a Hindu girl doesn't convert to Is…1 minuto fa
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Faith PAm Rak @rak_faithRT @YulEdochie: Happy 16th yr wedding anniversary to us. Love you forever @May_YulEdochie minuto fa