. @DamarisJiminRT @jungkookreally: CAN THEY SING AT MY WEDDING PLS https://t.co/Oj0VXganDl3 minuti fa
🌌 @134340AIGOORT @btsfancafe_twt: Manager-nim's wedding, @BTS_twt attented. Hearts ♥️ photo shoot https://t.co/utCF1qJuoO3 minuti fa
L•N•B•S @Lissette_NBSRT @Skinny_fatbloke: If you're best man at your mates second wedding, after being best man at the first, is it ok to start my speech with "…3 minuti fa
silver maknae 석진 @Tori98919007RT @seokjinstapes: I'm so happy seeing them rest and have fun at their manager Hobeom's wedding, jin's singing tho always so perfect even i…3 minuti fa
Minmin @BettyHsieh8RT @btsvotingteam: BTS apparently attended Manager Hobeom wedding today and they sing DNA at the reception. #ChoiceFandom #BTSARMY #TeenC3 minuti fa
🇭🇹 Young Goddess 👸🏽 @nique_sodivineRT @thesixwriter: Boyfriends become husbands and then dads. If you don’t see him competent enough for any of those two other positions, you…3 minuti fa
rei loves lil meow meow. @_sugallegirl_RT @btsfancafe_twt: Manager-nim's wedding and BTS attended and sang DNA 💕 https://t.co/8SQxGXGah43 minuti fa
History @HistoryPlymouthRT @jdmccafferty: 20 July 1554: Philip of #Spain sails into #Southampton Water accompanied by 180 ships #otd (BM) Wedding to Mary was on 25…3 minuti fa
LUCAS IS 22 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUKE! @Rosexdagger28RT @todays1dhistory: Today (July 20) in 2014 - Louis showers his mum with love on her wedding day 💗💗💗 https://t.co/4MBTRQEqtT3 minuti fa
namii | love yourself @namiibtsRT @daintyjimn: one day bts will atend a wedding ceremony with 6 members singing and the other member as the groom3 minuti fa