im.afiq @nurafiqbnfRT @Zackyrif: I'd rather spend my money on a bigger house and honeymoon than a luxurious wedding just to please them makciks and pakciks wh…3 minuti fa
OluwaTosin♥ @Mz_tosyRT @TheCakeChancery: @OgbeniDipo We making birthday,wedding, convocation cakes.. We’re in Ibadan and we deliver outside Ibadan.. Our Instag…3 minuti fa
AYESHA @ayeshamirza_RT @ayeshamirza_: Some days I want a really small quiet wedding and other days I want this 😂 there's really no in between…3 minuti fa
Ishu ☆ @quichxRT @Tumharaabbu: Sometimes I wanna get married quietly and then some days I want to have this kind of wedding. Colorful, elegant and beauti…3 minuti fa
Sparkling Jewellery @SparklingRingsDing dong! Sterling silver wedding rings, for those that can’t wear precious metals. Bespoke doesn’t have to be e… minuti fa
Little C @dinnerformarcus@IfOnly @ashleyiaco @haibon_jared maybe an auction for a wedding invite? 😬3 minuti fa
Stephen Hockey @shockey81@OnlyJohnGwynne Remember you doing a speech at my Grandparents (Elsie & Arthur Hockey) golden wedding anniversary c… minuti fa
Shauna Edwards @shaunaedwards0RT @chlosimps: Literally the most beautiful wedding and bride I’ve ever seen 😍 minuti fa
RL Disciplinary @RugbyDisciplineI'll happily put £20 in your pocket for a few beers if you have a stag night in Hull. I'm sure a few others would… minuti fa