miss sa @iena_amina96RT @peachesandfeels: For those of you who’ve been asking, yep I did hidden hantaran :) memang it’s something I’ve always wanted dari dulu,…9 minuti fa
grelinho de diamante @danilohcRT @sahluwal: Wedding rings taken by Nazis at Auschwitz in 1945. Rosaries confiscated by the US government at the Arizona/Mexico border. h…9 minuti fa
oj @ojboxingufcSo gutted my mates wedding is the same day as @VasylLomachenko fighting in London! Decisions? 🤔 Haha nah I can’t do… https://t.co/NSSh3TVUqK9 minuti fa
Jason Carter Glass @Im_Jason_GlassWhere's My Wedding Cake Flavored Smoothie? #TheTitleOfMySongOrMovie9 minuti fa
syd 🌻 @sunflower_syd“remember the piles of wedding rings taken from holocaust victims and how we see it now and wonder how we ever let… https://t.co/ezWEoFYu8f9 minuti fa
Zeph @zephespinoRT @CNN: This bride had 34 bridesmaids in her wedding and says she would have had more if she could have https://t.co/Dw0luzatlH https://t.…9 minuti fa
pizza hut @itspaytRT @lexizinger: at my wedding my cat will be the flower girl and she will be guided down the aisle with a laser pointer9 minuti fa
🇬🇧🍸PreciselyPosh🍸🇬🇧 @TheatreChick76RT @misakohi: This is #kimono I wore to my wedding. I'd like Kim to imagine how she'd feel if someone treated her wedding, prom or baptism…9 minuti fa

Month: maggio 2015

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