Dyo-wa-nuh @wannabewanaRT @teresaqhoang: forget pumpkin spice IT’S SOUP SEASON YOU’VE GOT POTATO SOUP CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP FRENCH ONION…7 minuti fa
Puleolifant @Puleolifant1RT @iddie_c_Milazi: #skhumba on Aunties with weird names on wedding days 😂😂 #Blacktwitter https://t.co/ehXV6e0G3a7 minuti fa
Ann 🌺 @annkbyeRT @thehoodmemes: [My wedding] Me: I do... Guests: Awwww Me: Or do I? Guests: Ooooo https://t.co/zpu5uCz3JS7 minuti fa
루찌 @Yc6226@wedding_62 근데 뭐 하나 제대로 못 쓰고 있어요...7 minuti fa
kath_leah || KTH 🐯💜 @taekath1230RT @vanityjungkook: taekook au where taehyung is in love with his bestfriend jungkook but doesnt tell him bc jk has a boyfriend named jimin…7 minuti fa
raquel @raquel61684866RT @superkdkd: Shiela during #MarTy's wedding. This was last 2013, 5 years ago. So very timely for a throwback Thursday hahaha. @delavinkis7 minuti fa
Authentic Style @as_agencyAre you getting married? Or know someone that is? We've just had the pleasure of creating The Cheese Wedding Cake's… https://t.co/xgn1ygvMzp7 minuti fa
Taylor @velcrodogmom@RomneyJudith @realDonaldTrump Next put up a graphic of the 90+% of resources of the CLINTON FOUNDATION for CHELSEA… https://t.co/6YyW70hhKm7 minuti fa
Raegan Torrez @raegantorrez4RT @Just_CallMe_Sam: I really don’t understand how some people don’t like country music. Like ok is your first dance at your wedding gonna…7 minuti fa
Wedding_Planz @Wedding_PlanzLuxury Gold Evening Bag Crystal Clutch Bridal Purse Handbag Beverly Hills CA On Sale Now #luxuryhandbaghttps://t.co/jRic0PuoEu7 minuti fa

Month: febbraio 2016

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