angelica valdez @_valdez95Para akong si bobbie salazar sa 4 sisters and a wedding.2 minuti fa
GÔKÜL么VFC @GokulVfc18RT @anirudhofficial: A video of me playin keys at a wedding katcheri bout 8 years ago.. thanks to the person who made this video..truly hea…2 minuti fa
🗡 Rae Loverde🐍 @RaeLoverdeOkay, this is the purest thing I've seen all month 😂😭 minuti fa
THE CHOSEN ONE 👑 @Coco_is_detty@MidKnightGaz TF bro! 😂😂😂 maybe a memory flashed his head tho coz this was too serious for just a wedding.2 minuti fa
BlessedJoy🕊 @KamballlllTama na ang pag papantasya ng magagatbong Wedding . Make it pang introvert .. salang sala na list ng kaibigan ...… minuti fa
StokeonTrentLive @SotliveRT @MartinTideswell: Are you celebrating a birthday or wedding anniversary? Or do you know someone who is? If you can't be together with lo…2 minuti fa
Rina Hanson 🇬🇧🇧🇧🇯🇲 @soaptelly@064214 @pobolycwm @S4C Affair? After all they went through to be together? The wedding in Barbados? Oh my god2 minuti fa
Janice Almaraz @JaniceAlmaraz2@BMS_Derek @BMS_Billy my mom and I started watching tiger king last night cause of all the memes lmao and it’s ent… minuti fa
Ayu Rahaman @iam_ayuHmm, so now serious discussion whether my wedding reception will be taking place or not. It seems like postponing i… minuti fa
Syama Preyasī Devi Dasi @NewKrsnaIn a contest of heroes to win the hand of the beautiful Princess Sita, Rama was victorious. He lifted, strung and b… minuti fa

Month: aprile 2016

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