Molly Chinn @MolllChinnRT @Hail_2The_V: Congratulated dude on the engagement and he replied “yeh I had to give her a lil ting to shut her up...don’t look for no w…9 minuti fa
タカちゃん @takashi_he@cure_etoile2019 Happy Wedding の影響かもね9 minuti fa
Marie Curie @mariecurieukRT @AnnaSayburn: @mariecurieuk I want Peter Maxwell Davies’ Farewell to Stromness, ideally played live on solo piano. The chap wants Comfor…9 minuti fa
Fantastic Write-Ups @SHEGZSABLEZSRT @jennygodswill: Do we still have men who will say " Baby, please can we just wait till our wedding night" 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️9 minuti fa
JoyLyn @KissfacceRT @WizSamPonce: My sweet friend @kylinrae17 paid for this little charm that I can have with me on my wedding day. It will be wrapped aroun…9 minuti fa
@UncleLupi @lupingcayisaRT @HlumzaMayibuye: @BoutiqueDonn @lupingcayisa ungamlibali u "the wedding" malume.9 minuti fa
kaappaanThaveethu @ThaveethuRaja3RT @SSMusicTweet: Neeyum naanum sernthe vaazhum neram Pogum thooram mudiyama neelum Wishing a very happy wedding anniversary to @VijaySeth9 minuti fa
TwoSeasideBabes @TwoSeasideBabesRT @OurPlaceToNest2: Cream flower petals, rose petals, champagne, khaki, taupe, flower girl petals, alternative wedding, baby shower decor,…9 minuti fa
MtlUpPunk @JohnnyPummel@McAllisterDen Weren't you at her wedding? 🤘9 minuti fa
røsë 🍂 #SuperMinSeattle @alldayyong@fe9ruary ngl I thought you were gonna do a "you come to me on the day of my daughter's wedding" thing jfgdfss i... should go back to sleep9 minuti fa

Month: novembre 2016

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