Trish @mstrish20@kohlgrrl My engagement ring and wedding band. But I really feel like I *earned* those things.1 minuto fa
matthew @mattheewwleeNgl My house has held a wedding 💀1 minuto fa
Justus @justusabbott@cocoathebaddest Like even the wedding rings?! Cmon. 😭😭😭1 minuto fa
الحمدلله @f_wedding_okRT @Abdulmane: من أذكار الصباح : ١-أصبحنا وأصبح الملك لله الحمدلله لا إله إلا الله وحده لاشريك له له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير…1 minuto fa
William A. Alfano @whiskeythunderRT @RetroCEO: There is something surreal and almost #magical about this #gorgeous #rhinestone #necklace. It is dripping with the #history a…1 minuto fa
💥💥💥💥 @liz20192020So Baby Visa is really not gonna fix herself up or touch up her roots for this wedding huh?!!! #90DayFiance minuto fa
Chris @TeansyDay 22: Favorite season 5 moment The FitzSimmons wedding, hand down. It is one of the best moments of this show, pe… minuto fa
oh long johnson 🦋 @tweetomatooRT @JayaNaJaye: I think I am that kind of person who will text her fiancé hours before my wedding and be like, “So do you still love me or…1 minuto fa
same @Davidoff_genivaRT @Bayan_1990: Wedding Dress 🤍👰 : minuto fa
Heidi💕 @pinkloveexoI just remembered that the week before quarentine and all this shit started happening - i purchased my bridesmaid d… minuto fa

Month: gennaio 2017

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