Edmond Hatfield @EdmondHatfield@ShannonDingle We been married 44 years and my wife has never wore either. And I never a wedding ring. We prefer c… https://t.co/Q2zkhpaILp9 minuti fa
OMO ALE JATIJATI‼️ @freshtoluwanimiRT @zowiehillz: Diane- Elozonam -"God bless u for me Me on my way to open a Dialo wedding committee group chat #DianeAt24 https://t.co/Y…9 minuti fa
jyoti punwani @jyotipunwaniRT @IndianMuslimahs: Amid Delhi’s blood -letting ,a Hindu bride weds in a Muslim neighbourhood. “My Muslim brothers are protecting me toda…9 minuti fa
will? @willyFergiaSedikit pengalaman ini gw mau cerita disini. Jadi kan gw jomblo eh single maksudnya udh lama ini. Satu waktu gw ket… https://t.co/Z8vpmIRftR9 minuti fa
Mel @Got2Luv_MeLRT @Bajabu19: Me tomorrow in my lounge dressed up and shit for Lauren and Cameron's wedding #LoveIsBlind #loveisblindnetflix https://t.co/1…9 minuti fa
The ALL Rooms @TheALLRoomsThe Hangover PartⅡ(2011)comedy/The four jet to Thailand for wedding and spend a quiet night before they wake up without any recollection.9 minuti fa
MD/ Balbirnie House @BalbirnieHouseRT @DM_BALBIRNIE: Thank you to to lovely Naomi Vance Photography for these lovely photos of our new wedding menus. Watch this space @Weddi9 minuti fa
Larinadana7 ✈ @Larinadana73RT @amethystxmw: "Lagi ka na lang umaattend ng wedding. Sana ikaw naman next." - @NudaloGina Hahahahahahahahahahaha hanap muna ko aasawahi…9 minuti fa
Mōdig @ModigSheepRT @HiccupsDoesArt: Well that's one of us sorted out for our wedding 😁 British posh boi now 20% more posh and british https://t.co/1epg3FQ…9 minuti fa

Month: marzo 2017

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