Sachan Ram @SachanRam1RT @knowthenation: Vikas was distributing wedding invites when his brother got shot by the anti-CAA mob. As he ran to his escape, around 40…4 minuti fa
TJ @TJLagooRT @misayeon: Chaeyoung: These kind of feel like wedding photos… ah Dahyun: Show it to ONCE CY: Doesn’t it look kind of like our wedding ph…4 minuti fa
Ugly Bag of Mostly Water @MsDucky42@harto If you need "family", I have a kid that's a big fan, and I do love a good wedding! I'm sorry you're hurting. *loves*4 minuti fa
Accent Events Ltd @WedDayeCheck out my latest article: The Uninvited Wedding Guest via @LinkedIn4 minuti fa
🍑🎎🍑 アフロちゃん 🍑🎎🍑 @Shingo333333RT @ellejapan: 古いジュエリーが生まれ変わる! リングリフォームのスペシャリスト6軒 minuti fa
Edgy Barbie @Edgy_Barbiewhat kind of wedding will you have to Jaden Smith4 minuti fa
Freedom Discos, Sound and Lighting @FreedomDiscosIf you’ve ever used us for your wedding, and you were pleased with the service provided, if you have a few minutes,… minuti fa
Lisa Sindoni Liberio @lsliberio@mrjaxtaylor @BNCartwright just catching up on this past episode. On ur side 100%. None of @TomSandoval1 business… minuti fa
TRUMP GOT CAUGHT @RebelPussyRT @mhthaung: "... speak now, or forever—" "Stop!" In the #deathly silence, a pregnant woman marched down the aisle. The groom gaped. "W…4 minuti fa
⊕wennie⁶⁶ @hyuckie_mp4RT @bittyrenjun: na jaemin, you're going to the philippines not a wedding— minuti fa

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