Love Ribble @love_ribbleRT @ribblefm: It's THURSDAY - It's weekend EVE!!! Back after a holiday which included attending a DISNEY WEDDING!!! What is your all time…9 minuti fa
Vincent Anani @VinceAnaniRT @Georgesketch: Please RT this till someone who needs a portrait for a loved one's birthday/wedding sees it 🙏🏾 minuti fa
be @senggooreum@rlthingy2 On your wedding day9 minuti fa
Ayobammy @demstardmRT @mzgbeborun: *After Wedding* Honey: I am sorry. I don’t have penis😰 Reply as a wife9 minuti fa
candyy @maizatulmrlinRT @PaanYNWA: On Your Wedding Day (2018) Korean Film. Memang betullah cinta itu menyakitkan. Siapa dah layan film ni? Macam mana perasaan…9 minuti fa
Kanchan24781 @kanchan24781RT @RandeepIsLove: RT if you will miss SAMAINA courtship period post wedding😭💗🍀 #YehUnDinonKiBaatHai #SameerNainaKiShaadi…9 minuti fa
Noorul Hudah @Noorul1818RT @dharshxoxo: When your grandmother is getting old and she tells you that her only wish is to be able to witness your wedding, how do you…9 minuti fa
@faithyllaRT @changemebaek: My childhood trauma is exactly the moment Kyungsoo took Chanyeol’s wedding ring off and let it slide down under a bed or…9 minuti fa

Month: luglio 2018

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