Lyn-Der @LynDer882RT @Naj_Daniell: When u attend a wedding of a woman who banged and got tired and some random joker wants to settle with that 😁😁😁😁 https://t…1 minuto fa
BackYardstudio @BackYardstories@IretiolaDoyle Until I saw your name (Iretiola), your movie characters in (Wedding Party, Fifty, Kasanova) movies d… minuto fa
Rich Cook @Rickyc1234@DeeringRob You just reminded me, been meaning to do the best running man edge for months, but after my wedding got… minuto fa
Victoria Princewill FRSA @vpofrancesNow that even white media says it’s not cool to reinforce, erase or whitewash systemic racism they suddenly feel ba… minuto fa
DonBelle💖 @iamhosmi_RRT @zaiminkaimoon: Yazwell wedding❤️ Credits to Lladen Nicholas Espallardo minuto fa
miles !! @fandomshittrashRT @wrenfengtianshi: The hardship of a wedding #erasermic minuto fa
Reese 🏳️‍🌈 @reesieboiHas anybody spotted a wedding ring on Brett Sutton’s finger?1 minuto fa

Month: agosto 2018

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