🔞𝐻𝑜𝑠𝑒𝑜𝑘𝑠 𝑌/𝑁 🔞 @GwangjuBadassLADYS HE ALREADY ASK US TO MARRY HIM!!! 💍❤❤ Well can we skip the wedding and go to the 'Wedding Night? 💦😫 ~🐱 : we… https://t.co/MbOyW1AX9B1 minuto fa
Simon @simon_afudeRT @ogaKnowledge: Twitter pls find me contracts I want to marry next year, I want to save money for my wedding rings 😫 I'm a celebrity pai…1 minuto fa
banbi0610 @banbi06101RT @AriaMDT: 東方神起 / Wedding Dress (Memories ver.2) https://t.co/oZiFWpZKpn ผ่าน @YouTube1 minuto fa
かずぽん @kazupon212ヽ(≧∀≦ )ノ☆祝☆ヽ( ≧∀≦)ノ ♡೫̥͙*:·Happy wedding·:* ೫̥͙♡ やっぱり…なんか… ちょっと寂しいけどさ…( ´-ω-)σ イジイジ チャンミンはチャンミンで 何も変わりないし1ファンとし… https://t.co/81JYF4l9F81 minuto fa
🌊💜Kap's Velvet Hammer💜🌊 @RavenLouiVillenRT @JoeBiden: Imagine a day in the not too distant future when you can enjoy a dinner out with your friends, a night at the movies, or when…1 minuto fa
ahmed @ah_m3ddWhat’s the first song you’re playing at your wedding1 minuto fa
AuntieSam2 @auntiesam_2@JamesGunn Yep. Both Tony and Yondu should stay dead, even though both deaths hit so hard. You've done a great job… https://t.co/DWC9kGqWpI1 minuto fa
유 ◡̈ @melonchanheeRT @its2yeon: 201024 더보이즈 영통팬싸 👦🏻: i have to go now 💫: you gotta go? 👦🏻: you didn’t remember? 💫: about what? 👦🏻: today is our wedding.. i’…1 minuto fa
EGO │ CHECK 📌 ᴮᴱ ⁷ ™ @ENCHANTINGEGO.@DREAMSNETHERITE when’s the wedding?1 minuto fa
Tugaine Anselm @TanselmooRT @BradleyCarlvin1: As long as you're in uganda you're still single until the wedding..no amount of babies or kukyala can change that😂1 minuto fa

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