man @97YUGIERT @g7uwu: its his cousin’s wedding, and it seems like its today! the song is a song yugyeom made himself and he even played it for us on v…6 minuti fa
Lunatic Guy(SA) @deananwar38gma1RT @HydTimes: Watch: #KajalAggarwal ties the knot with #GautamKitchlu in an intimate soiree #KajGautKitched #Tollywood #TollywoodActress6 minuti fa
Jonnie #KBF @Jonnie65636895RT @PaulTHenderson: A venue we own and operate had a wedding reception today. I drove 3 hours to be on site. Police and Licensing turned up…6 minuti fa
2k ʚ♡⃛ɞ ||| @2304_ttRT @g7uwu: he really made this song and sang it for his cousin’s wedding 🥺❤️ @GOT7Official #GOT7 #갓세븐 minuti fa
hornsby @ybsnrohDon't go to a wedding when you're high7 minuti fa
☀️🐰🌈ASSAABW🌈🐰☀️ @AssaLoveBWRT @g7uwu: he really made this song and sang it for his cousin’s wedding 🥺❤️ @GOT7Official #GOT7 #갓세븐 minuti fa
Cineulagam @cineulagamKana Kaanum Kaalangal புகழ் ராஜு ஜெயமோகனுக்கு சிம்பிளாக நடந்த திருமணம்.. | Serial Actor Raju Wedding Video Link --… minuti fa
kie 𓅫 | ia for midterms @savingbamRT @aegbeom: yugyeom singing a sweet melody in a wedding today? 🥺 #MAMAVOTE #got7 @GOT7Official minuti fa
. @MustufaaaRT @HumnaNiaz_: I have a feeling that I'll be the only one from my family crying at my wedding7 minuti fa
Julie C @Jewelz0107@funder Personally he also ruined my daughters wedding, twice postponed and my parents last years on earth.… minuti fa

Month: novembre 2018

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