Eclips @Eclips1214@heyitsedgarcruz Well, at least she won't be able to hide the wedding 😌👌🏻9 minuti fa
Alvis Presley @Alvis_Presley_If you're in a relo, & happen to talk about it to friends, make sure u don't only talk about the bad shit & sad tim… minuti fa
#KathNiel8ernalLove @bal_tangii25HAPPY HAPPY 8 YEARS ANNIVERSARY LOVERS !!! @imdanielpadilla @bernardokath 🥳🥳 STAY STRONG & STAY IN LOVE 🥰🥰 MAHAL NA… minuti fa
Mireya J. Rodriguez @nita_rdzRT @evfunxo: I rather have a small wedding so I can invest in traveling the world for my honeymoon9 minuti fa
◢ ◤ @swagnitoWedding is to celebrate Marriage. I'm sure everyone knows this.... minuti fa
L̷y̵r̴i̷c̷ @angelofdeath_2RT @theodd1sout: I want a racecar themed wedding9 minuti fa
🗽 @daniellemackss_We too busy for a wedding or a kid.9 minuti fa
MetztliDxein 🎤 @MetztliDxeinRT @Fengxian: They got married last year in San Francisco as the person who took their picture is a wedding photographer. They’re really go…9 minuti fa
Kayee @OhKaye_@GorgeousAY Wedding timeeee9 minuti fa
Tes somes ᴬᴰᴺ💝 @tes_somesRT @JayEnLo06: @Capricorn025 Madali lng nman yan. If impossible4them2get2talk with d enginneers/other professionals na nkkasalamuha ni A&M,…9 minuti fa

Month: aprile 2019

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