Tamra Gibson @TamraMGibsonRT @SwtSthrnSavings: How To Create FREE Wedding Invitations With Adobe Spark! #Free #Wedding #WeddingPlanning #WeddingCeremony #WeddingRead…2 minuti fa
Jodi Prouty @JVNicole1If we are ever in the same wedding together 😂 @bryan_prouty https://t.co/kAfSlJCub02 minuti fa
Chrissy Franchi @ChrissyFranchi@Chuckles152 Thank You, Led Zeppelin. It was also my wedding song 🙄2 minuti fa
Senora Barky Rubles @BarkyB1A friend just told me that her friend sent her a long angry text about how her five year old acted at her wedding.… https://t.co/ONNu070VWp2 minuti fa
amanda @acemckennaIf I can’t order my wedding dress online, have it shipped for free, try it on in the comfort of my own home, and th… https://t.co/yG4J5wiysx2 minuti fa
干物女 @pinkyfish10RT @lemmyrahman: Aku sepatutnya akad nikah 1/11/2019. Tapi since the wedding dah cancel, aku nak jual cincin ni. Size 12. Detail ada di rec…2 minuti fa
⚡️شاكيرا @SheSmileBig@_cocoa_LOVE Sis !! She saved herself after lol she was like they came to the wedding 😭😭2 minuti fa
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AUTUMN K.🍁 @aknslySooo at the wedding last week, I really didn’t take many photos since there was so many people taking photos the wh… https://t.co/84lsQcyMPY2 minuti fa
Jennko @JennKoDesignRT @JennKoDesign: #Antique Georgian Diamond Half Hoop Georgian Jewelry, Georgian #DiamondRing, #France https://t.co/GYWQVXLuQz #fashion #je2 minuti fa

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