J Lu @BacciThisBaby Girl Lisa's wedding will be sponsored by Newport 100s and Plan B. #90DayFiance https://t.co/vHNAF0vuOs1 minuto fa
Carolyn Olney @visionconsultlaRT @ChaplainLab: Read here how a North Carolina hospital #chaplain officiated a wedding in the hospital, after the couple had delivered the…1 minuto fa
Newcastle Weekly @newcastlewklyOne Hunter couple has not let the coronavirus pandemic ruin their wedding plans. Jodie Cattell and Glenn Burgin wer… https://t.co/RzoD2Zw5Q91 minuto fa
Michael Anthony Giudicissi @TheRealMAG@MFBrooklyn That’s gonna be some wedding night. Love is a battlefield1 minuto fa
Lo ♥ @_salinasloI cry for any engagement & at the wedding lmfao . Especially if it’s my friends !1 minuto fa
Pessimistic Princess 🇺🇸 😷 @CuriousBugLisa's so desperate. "It was everything I ever wanted." Really? To be proposed to in a hotel room the day before… https://t.co/yxP5T4z8m81 minuto fa
Smokeylady54 @Smokeylady54nanRT @ipaintitpretty: Wine Glasses With Hand Painted Yellow Flowers and Crystal Wine Charms Set of 2-12 oz, Any Occasion Gift, Birthday Gift,…1 minuto fa
B I L L o n L O C K D O W N @govierbillRT @blainecapatch: just finished my script where Shaggy is married to Velma and Fred is married to Daphne but Shaggy and Daphne hook up at…1 minuto fa
geraldine @smethngcleverOH MY GOD imagine the cock destroyers officiating your wedding lmaooo amazing1 minuto fa
Araceli Garces @missumm3r@bebberann @90DayFiance the day before the wedding. can't have a wedding if you weren't proposed to lol1 minuto fa

Month: dicembre 2019

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