Khyla🥀 @_PaintYouYellowRT @KinggColee: I need my future fiancé/husband to know, that our wedding will be just as lit as this 😂🤗 minuti fa
FREE @trentperry8 @TregroovyRT @NYGDaily: Giants players were lit at Sterling Shepard’s wedding! 🔥 minuti fa
Ian Perry @IanBurkePerry1@wedgetweets I was visiting a church in California after a wedding, and the music leader kept telling people to sin… minuti fa
@hheliophhiliaaRT @zulnasrisaid: Bayangkan Yusuf Iskandar kahwin dgn anak Dato' Siti. Wedding of the History3 minuti fa
Jennie @Jennie89727736RT @nicoletteannmc: Happy 31st wedding anniversary kina Chotedi at Aling Mary Ann! Eto ang selfie pagkatapos maglagay ng isang drum na spra…3 minuti fa
georgia wilcock @_georgiawilcockRT @snimhlongo: Gonna serenade my husband with Cater 2 U the night of our wedding 🤞🏾😭3 minuti fa
Lippo @Lippo_kratisRT @thecheckdown: .@OBJ_3 and the @Giants know how to turn up at a wedding reception. 🔥😂 (via @chaneliman, h/t @AdamLefkoe)…3 minuti fa
Brendan Campbell @bcamp_22RT @BleacherReport: OBJ and the Giants at Sterling Shepard’s wedding 😂😂😂 (via @chaneliman) minuti fa
Intan_rezalliants4 @IRezalliants4RT @ranon_HM: Watch before delete 😲 Beautiful girl in amazing video before her wedding 😍😍⤵⤵😍😍٣00 #DahliakuRezaDAA…3 minuti fa

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Il Circolo Mario Mieli candida Roma per il World Pride 2025   Per celebrare i 25 anni dal primo World Pride della storia, che si tenne proprio a ...

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