Myoa @MYOAMUSICAt The Robinson’s Wedding with my Friend & Creative Director @NickoSerna minuto fa
Miss R @slightlycrayRT @SiyaBunny: The mom of the groom at the wedding I went to said to the bride “you’re my daughter now, I don’t tell my daughters what to w…1 minuto fa
Julia. @juicyjuliakI literally sang the first dance song for my friends wedding I’m DEAD BYE1 minuto fa
a powerful force @Doll__erRT @TsikiMabala: I don't really lime speeches at a wedding. Especially from elders. Because some of them think their opinion actually matte…1 minuto fa
[17's ila💃] @eyesmiledkBooseoksoon is on their way to ofd pd's wedding. They would perform just do it. I was shocked a bit bcs i thought t… minuto fa
jean coming @JeanComingRT @StarCinema: #TopStory: How do you hold back tears with Toni and Paul’s beautiful vows? READ FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE:…1 minuto fa
Grace Cano @its_grace1313I went to a wedding last night and the couple who got married were so truly in love with who one another were and i… minuto fa
Vera . @Verah_xoRT @solaadio: That’s why I say to these girls, don’t consent to fornication requests. The Bozo might just be using u as a sarewagba a few d…1 minuto fa
talituy @maetamulRT @sinyii_nf: 😍😍 #FNCfamily at Minhwan & Yulhee wedding ceremony!! 💏🎉🌹🌸💖💞💗💕 #FTISLAND #AOA #NFLYING #SF9 a pity no CNBLUE ㅠㅠ…1 minuto fa