Nayan @Nayan25495379RT @NatashaNair13: @SidaurSana Imagine sidnaaz dancing at Sauda khara khara at their wedding 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 #BhulaDungaBreakingRecords10 minuti fa
Yanelli @kelpyg400@ddenisemontess @amc_01100001 I plan on marrying Alex and having a nice little animal crossing wedding. Later we ca… minuti fa
sean thomas bush @st_clabbertsTo think I was moaning about missing tomorrow's Grand National and Derby v Forest due to wedding prep.10 minuti fa
Your Highest HCS 254 @njuealexgambizRT @VictorMochere: So Yvonne Okwara snatched her current husband, Andrew Matole, from another woman, Alice Manyole. Even the church denied…10 minuti fa
Marian Taylor @TaylorMemtboneRT @dougalshawBBC: "We'll be dancing around those aisles (if we are allowed)!" - meet the West End singer, who recently starred with @kevic10 minuti fa
Weddingweiser @weddingweiserRT @WanningerX: Seit ca. 3 Wochen erfreut uns nun schon diese Kunstinstallation "Ode an das verbogene Blech" vor dem #Alhambra-Kino in #Ber10 minuti fa
ℳo @Muhdlatest1RT @Itz_mieemx: Hello my peeps💕 It’s me again. Here is the list of items you can order from mieemx_plug. Our customized items are at afford…10 minuti fa
Lib Sue @libertyy_oxI’m sending joe exotic prison mail and it’s gonna go like “ hey joe what’s up how’s it cooking in prison that reall… minuti fa
BALBIRNIEHOUSE @WeddingsBHRT @BalbirnieHouse: 'mon the Fifers! A lovely @WeddingsBH @BalbirnieHouse mention, so great to see all Fife Hospitality pulling out the sto…10 minuti fa